For every situation, we have a suitable dust collection system to keep dust under control. From light and portable for home use in the workshop, to large stationary filter systems for the workplace. Many situations are unique and require a custom solution. That’s why we provide tailored advice. Do you have a question? We are happy to help.

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Metal cyclone filters are perfect for filtering materials with abrasive properties, such as stone grit or glass debris.

Our latest metal cyclone filters have been further developed, now filtering up to 99,99% (instead of 99%) of the dust.


Filter set 3-32M

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Pro-X nozzle provides solutions for dust at work and in the toolshed at home. We support both consumers and businesses. Our products can be used in many different situations: filtering wood chips and dust, filtering grit when milling floors and walls, filtering in combinations with blasting cabinets, CNC machines and in many other situations. Wherever there is dust, we offer a suitable solution.

Our business clients come from different sector: construction, autmotive industry, agriculture, shipbuilding, and the food industry. Due to our expertise, you are assured of correct advice. And because we have everything in stock the delivery time is only two working days.

Customer experiences

Mr. Kazen
Mr. Kazen
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"After two years of having used a cyclone filter on my miter saw with full satisfaction, I also wanted to connect it to my table saw and circular saw. Unfortunately, the machine manufacturers did not have the appropriate connections for this. Fortunately, did! They helped me tremendously with getting all my machines connected to one filter system. Top service!"
Mr. Vraets |
Mr. Vraets |
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"Our company SepSys makes products for the superyacht and shipbuilding industry. In the past year we submitted a number of questions to These were always swiftly answered and we ended up with some good ideas. We have several filters from The result for us is: better operation of the machines, less downtime, and savings on vacuum cleaner bags.
Mr. Bakker
Mr. Bakker
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"Great product! Suction power with 2 x 5m hose is also still more than sufficient. It does indeed collect the majority of the dust. The service is excellent, quick response to e-mails and an extra dustbin was delivered in no time."