Rubber reducer M

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The rubber reducer M reduces the inner diameter of the top inlet of cyclone filter models 2 and 3. This allows a strong and airtight  connection of a hose nozzle with an outer diameter between 32mm and 34mm.

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Because the hose nozzle of most vacuum cleaners is smaller than the top opening of the cyclone filter (50mm inner diameter), the top inlet needs to be reduced in order to secure the smaller nozzle in the opening. Rubber reducer M reduces the inner diameter of the top inet of the cyclone filter. This makes it possible to firmly secure nozzles with outer diameters between 32mm and 34mm.

Fits onto:


  • Material: rubber;
  • Colour: black;
  • Weight: 18 gram.


  • A couple drops of glue can be used if the rubber reducer needs to be firmly secured into an opening. Caution: just a couple of drops is enough in case the rubber reducer must be taken out in the future.
  • If you want to use the 50mm>32mm rubber reducer in combination with the 75mm>50mm reducer, the T-pipe, or the 90° corner attachement, then it is recommended to glue the rubber reducer in the socket for extra strength. Due to the weight of the hose the rubber reducer can be pulled out of the socket. This can easily be avoided with a little glue.

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