Standard 32mm hose nozzle

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The standard 32mm hose nozzle fits all hoses with 32mm inner diameter and 40mm outer diameter.

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This nozzle fits on all hoses with an inner diameter of 32mm and an outer diameter of 40mm. The side of the nozzle has an outer diameter that tapers from 34.5mm, making it suitable for the dust ports of many different brands: Bosch, Festool, DeWalt, Makita, and many others.

If the nozzle does not fit the dust port of your machine, there are several hose adapters available, including the universal 5-step hose adapter and the Bosch/Festool hose adapter.

Fits on:

  • 35mm>24mm hose adapter;
  • 35mm>31mm hose adapter;
  • Universal 5-step hose adapter;
  • Bosch/Festool hose adapter;
  • Round suction brush – requires 35mm>31mm hose adapter;
  • Wide suction brush – requires 35mm>31mm hose adapter;
  • 32mm hose (40mm outer diameter).


  • Material: PP;
  • Color: black;
  • Weight: 40 grams.

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